Good Friday service with my loves.  i mean...
 At 9 months (almost 10 now!) he likes assisted walking, touching all the things, pulling his books off the shelf, being scared. He dislikes going to bed awake and sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time. He is a joy.  Remembering a cold weekend. Just to really drive home that winter is not over. (Yesterday I wore flip flops.) #wompwomp


EP Release Video: Marionette

Here’s a live version of Marionette from the EP Release show at Rockwood!


Lighthouse EP Release Show

A huge thanks to all who came to Rockwood for this show and to the amazing musicians I got to play with. What a great time. Check out the EP on iTunes! 

These are a few of the beautiful pics shot by Cameron Hughes. Click here for the full gallery.


Got a new song “Lighthouse” that you can hear on Soundcloud! It’s the title track of my EP that will be on iTunes 1/13/15! Features the talented Brian Elmquist. I’m so happy with how this turned out.

Laura Maloney drew the lovely little Lighthouse in this pic…

Lighthouse Final

Monica Allison – lead vocals
Brian Elmquist – acoustic guitar, vocals
Brian T. Murphy – Producer, Engineer, piano
Chris Tarry – bass
Brian Griffin – drums
Clint Wells – electric
Slade Adams – strings

Super Bass

A cover of Super Bass! Borrowed clean lyrics from Karmen’s version. Like it if you like it and share it! Enjoy!

New song “Marionette” available on iTunes!

I’m so proud of this song. That’s all I can say. It’s called Marionette and I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever written. It’s now available for download on iTunes! Produced beautifully by Brian T. Murphy with musicians Alex Foote, Chris Tarry, and Brian Griffin. And artwork by my good friend Laura Maloney.

Listen to a preview here then get it on iTunes! Enjoy!

Small Town Music Video!

Woo hoo! Music video for Small Town is up! Shot and directed by Matthew Perkins with help from many wonderful friends.

A LOT of caffeine went in to this shoot. I had ordered breakfast for us to start the day off, or so I thought. What I actually ordered was double coffee boxes. Caffeine for 50. (Luckily we eventually did get breakfast otherwise this video may have turned out very differently.)

Hope you enjoy it! If you’re in NYC on SUNDAY, 4/27/14 come down to Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 at 830pm for a killer band!

Standard Disclaimer: No prop was harmed in the filming of this video.


New Music coming soon!

Been recording some new songs with Brian T. Murphy over the past few months. It’s so wonderful when you love the recorded versions right away, raw and unmixed. And mostly that’s due to Brian’s direction and the ridiculously talented musicians who have played/sang on these new songs. Look for it in the next few months!

And will be playing a few at Rockwood 1 on March 23rd in NYC!

Love this piano IMG_8839

Tracking drums  TarryBass

Piece of Cake

If you like my songs and you like cake you will love this video by Popsugar featuring Small Town!

Breaking Amish

Hey there,

Keys to the Kingdom was used in an episode of TLC’s Breaking Amish a few weeks ago. Click below to watch the clip! Amish girls shedding their upbringing. The song is appropriate! :)