New Music coming soon!

Been recording some new songs with Brian T. Murphy over the past few months. It’s so wonderful when you love the recorded versions right away, raw and unmixed. And mostly that’s due to Brian’s direction and the ridiculously talented musicians who have played/sang on these new songs. Look for it in the next few months!

And will be playing a few at Rockwood 1 on March 23rd in NYC!

Love this piano IMG_8839

Tracking drums  TarryBass

Piece of Cake

If you like my songs and you like cake you will love this video by Popsugar.

Breaking Amish

Hey there,

Keys to the Kingdom was used in an episode of TLC’s Breaking Amish a few weeks ago. Click below to watch the clip! Amish girls shedding their upbringing. Song is appropriate. :)


Small Town Music Video

SOOO last weekend husband and a few friends and I tore apart Brooklyn studio/prop house ACME to shoot a music video for Small Town. It was AMAZINGLY fun. ACME is the coolest place. Super nice/chill people who made the experience very non-stressful. Matthew Perkins (The Little Tin Man) shot and directed.


I love this quote from ACME’s site. Pretty much sums up our day…

“The motivation of ACME has never been about money, it’s been about offering a space where people can come and do their own projects, bring their own ideas, and take what we have and what we’ve offered and make it their own. ACME aims to be a catalyst to help creative people be creative. When you have 4,000 square feet of space to play with and you don’t have to apologize or ask permission, and you run with it, it’s like, yeah. This is what New York City is about. And we’re just getting started.”

Final product coming soon!

The Little Tin Man NYC Premiere!

Fun pics from the NYC Premiere of The Little Tin Man a few nights ago! Was very cool to see the film in it’s entirety.

The Little Tin Man

Woot! I wrote a little song called Coming Up Short for the indie film The Little Tin Man last summer. Sung by the quartet Made Over. Check out the trailer here! Excited to see this project by talented filmmakers Matthew Perkins and Nathan Dugan Bridges come to fruition.

A visit to the set the day of the scene…

All Angel’s Cafe

Played last night at an All Angel’s Cafe Night. It was so fun to demo some new songs in such a beautiful venue with amazing acoustics. The Fretful Porcupine played first. Wow. Incredibly unique blend of saxophone and fiddle and a few other instruments! Toe tapping and haunting at the same time. Very cool stuff.

Thanks to all who came out!


10th Annual Christmas Benefit Concert

I’ll be playing a song or two in a Christmas concert on December 8th hosted by Sarah Lentz. Will be a beautiful night of music! Come to listen and eat cookies.
10th Annual Christmas Benefit Concert
Saturday, December 8th, 7 pm (doors at 6:45)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church199 Carroll Street, Brooklyn (entrance to concert around corner on Clinton Street)
G or F trains to Carroll St, church bet. Court and Clinton
$10 to $20 suggested donation goes to support Fount of Mercy and the Red Hook Initiative


childcare provided, cookie reception following.


Artists performing: Found Wandering, Maeve, Justin Keller, Jenny Bruce, Monica Allison and Melanie Penn, Sarah Lentz, Christian Frederickson, Kevin Gosa and Jake Armerding, Paul and Betsy Phillips, Evan Mazunik, Adam Browne and Carey Wallace

Hudson Valley Artist Spotlight

Here’s a link to a radio interview I did last month at 100.7 WHUD after which the station played “Movin’ On” from You Can’t Take It Back. I was suuuper nervous. If I can’t write a song about it, it’s hard to articulate what I think and feel. But Kathy Millar was very kind and let me ramble on a bit before getting to most of my points. :)


New Site!

Hey there fans and friends and mom. Welcome to my new site. The internet is amazing. Have you ever seen that Louie CK bit on Conan where “everything is amazing and nobody’s happy.” OK google it now. Hilarious. But anyway, it’s true. Just sit for a minute and think about how amazing the internet is.

And now check out my site.

I’m a blogger.

Who knew?